How to wash silicone tableware

How to wash silicone tableware

Are you excited about your new silicone tableware and eager to make the most of its convenience in your daily life?

In this blog post, we'll explore how to clean and maintain your silicone tableware, ensuring it continues to serve you well.
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Done by Deer silicone tableware is designed to be both dishwasher- and microwave-safe, making it a versatile choice for your kitchen needs.

Cleaning Your Silicone Tableware

To keep your silicone tableware looking and functioning at its best, follow these simple cleaning tips:

1. Use mild dishs Soap or perfume-free dishwashing tablets

When it's time to clean your silicone tableware, opt for mild dish soap or dishwashing tablets without any added perfume.

This ensures that your tableware remains free of any lingering fragrances or chemicals that could affect the taste of your food.

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2. Allow your tableware to air-dry

After washing your silicone tableware, let it air-dry naturally.

This step helps prevent the formation of water spots and keeps your tableware looking pristine.

3. Address stains promptly

While silicone tableware is resilient, some highly pigmented foods like tomato sauce may leave stains.

To prevent stains from becoming permanent, clean your tableware as soon as possible after use.

A quick wash with mild soap and warm water should do the trick.

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4. Neutralize unwanted odours

If your silicone tableware starts to develop unwanted smells or tastes, the best remedy is to run it through the dishwasher using a neutral detergent tablet.

This will effectively remove any lingering odours and ensure your tableware remains odour-free.

By following these simple cleaning and maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your silicone tableware and continue to enjoy the convenience it brings to your family meals.

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