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3 benefits of a baby sleeping bag

Our baby sleeping bags will keep tiny ones warm and comforted while sleeping. The sleepy bags will stay put no matter how much little sleepers move around. The sleepy bags are made of 100% soft and comfy OEKO-TEX certified cotton.

Our sleepy bags are available in soft pastel colourways: sand, powder and blue and in two sizes 70 cm or 90 cm to suit little sleepy heads age aprox. 0-6 months and aprox. 6-18 months.

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What is a baby sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag or sleep sack is similar to an adult sleeping bag.

The only difference is that the baby sleeping bag has arm holes for the little hands to move freely. The size of the arm holes can be adjusted with convenient under-arm poppers.

The sleeping bags can be used at nappy time or night time and are are designed to be used alone and therefore should not be used together with a blanket or duvet. 

Safe sleep

Using a baby sleeping bag is perfectly safe.
In fact, sleeping bags prevent bedding from covering baby's face while sleeping and reducing the risk of the baby being entangled in loose covers.

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No more cold feet

A baby sleeping bag prevents your little one from kicking off their cover or blanket and keeps your child at the right temperature all night long (see below for temperature guidance). 

Also, the soft and breathable jersey lining ensures an optimal sleeping temperature.

Easy diaper change

The zip closing in the front ensures easy dressing and stress-free nappy changes during the night. 

Zzznooze away!

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