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5 benefits of taking your child outside

Taking your baby or toddler outside for a walk is beneficial for both of you and your child. 

In this blog post we give you 5 reasons why.
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Fresh air

It is proven that fresh air promotes higher energy levels and better mental health.

Also, being outdoors simply makes you happier and more relaxed.


If you child is still an infant, this is mostly for mum and dad, but if you have a toddler, running around in nature is simply wonderful.

Development of the brain

A child's brain is activated when they are exposed to a stimulating and sensory environment and nature is full of new experiences.  

New language

When going outside there are plenty to talk about and explore.

Teach your child new words such as leaf, grass, trees, birds etc.

Better sleep

Everyone sleeps better when they have been out in the fresh air (even mum and dad), so this should be reason enough to go out and about.

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