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First toys

Babies start to develop their senses from a very early stage and supporting this development is essential.

Done by Deer toys are made for little ones. They are designed to develop children’s senses with details and functions that eyes, and little fingers love to explore.

The subtle yet contrasting colours used in the designs are stimulating as well as pleasing to look at.

We give you inspiration for your baby’s first toys below.

First toys for your little baby
Activity gym form Done by Deer in grey

The Red Dot Award winning Activity gym is free standing and easy to adjust depending on how high or wide you would like it. It is easy to bring along and it can accompany your little one anywhere.

Use the gym in the cot, on a play mat, on the sofa, over the changing station, place it over a bouncer or bring it outside when weather allows it. Let that sweet face discover itself in the mirror or have fun grabbing the Deer friends. They will crackle and chime when tickling their tummy.

Activity toys for your baby from Done by Deer

From birth, a baby’s movement is based on reflexes and within the first six months the baby will start to react to sounds, grasp and examine things with the mouth, explore different textures, and use both hands when playing. The tiny activity toys are specially designed for these first precious months – each with a clear focus on the baby’s development stages. 

Get your tiny one off a hard or cold floor with a foam play mat. It's easy to assemble with smart puzzle like pieces to eg. a large circle, a cool track or three circles the larger child could use for a jumping challenge. 

A soft book is the perfect entertainment around the side of a pram or cot and can also be used to encourage some tummy time on the floor. Get to know the 7 Deer friends and enjoy the different colours, shapes and the crackle sound.

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