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Waterproof kids apron - Happy clouds - PowderWaterproof kids apron - Happy clouds - Powder
Silicone placemat - Croco - PowderSilicone placemat - Croco - Powder
Silicone placemat - Croco - GreenSilicone placemat - Croco - Green
Silicone placemat - Confetti - BlueSilicone placemat - Confetti - Blue
Silicone placemat - Confetti - PowderSilicone placemat - Confetti - Powder
Foodie spout/snack cup - Elphee - BlueFoodie spout/snack cup - Elphee - Blue
Foodie spout/snack cup - Croco - GreenFoodie spout/snack cup - Croco - Green
Foodie first meal set - Elphee - BlueFoodie first meal set - Elphee - Blue
Foodie first meal set - Happy clouds - GreenFoodie first meal set - Happy clouds - Green
Foodie spout/snack cup - Wally - PowderFoodie spout/snack cup - Wally - Powder
Foodie dinner set - Lalee - SandFoodie dinner set - Lalee - Sand
Sleeved pocket bib - Wally - BlueSleeved pocket bib - Wally - Blue
Foodie dinner set - Wally - BlueFoodie dinner set - Wally - Blue
Foodie first meal set - Happy clouds - PowderFoodie first meal set - Happy clouds - Powder
Foodie dinner set - Wally - PowderFoodie dinner set - Wally - Powder
Sleeved pocket bib - Wally - PowderSleeved pocket bib - Wally - Powder
Foodie cutlery set - Confetti - SandFoodie cutlery set - Confetti - Sand
Foodie spout cup - Happy dots - GreenFoodie spout cup - Happy dots - Green
Foodie spout cup - Happy dots - BlueFoodie spout cup - Happy dots - Blue
Foodie spout cup - Happy dots - PowderFoodie spout cup - Happy dots - Powder
Foodie mini mug - Croco - GreenFoodie mini mug - Croco - Green
Foodie mini mug - Elphee - BlueFoodie mini mug - Elphee - Blue
Foodie bowl - Happy clouds - PowderFoodie bowl - Happy clouds - Powder
Foodie bowl - Croco - GreenFoodie bowl - Croco - Green
Foodie bowl - Croco - Green
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kids dinnerware - from baby's first meals to independent toddler

Our dinner time category includes plates, cups, cutlery, bibs, placemats, lunch boxes, bottles, and dinner sets for kids.
We offer a wide range of designs and colours to suit your child's preferences and development stage ranging from baby’s first meals to independent toddler.
Our Deer friends will be there to support your child’s eating journey and are ready to help make meal time more enjoyable for your little one.

Is Done by Deer dinnerware safe for my child to use?
All of our kids dinnerware is made from high-quality, non-toxic materials that are safe for your child.
All Done by Deer tableware are thoroughly tested according to relevant European requirements to document that no harmful substances are used.

Are the dinnerware easy to clean?
Our kids dinnerware is easy to clean and maintain as all Done by Deer dinnerware is dishwasher-safe.

What are the recommended ages for using the dinnerware?
Our kids dinnerware is designed for various age groups ranging from baby to toddler.
For babies we recommend our first meal sets with a spoon, bowl and cup designed for tiny hands and mouths. For toddlers our stick & stay plates and compartment plates are a great choice as they can help your child to become more independent when learning to eat.

Is your dinnerware durable and long-lasting?
We use high-quality materials for our dinnerware such as 100% food grade silicone and PP (Polypropylene) which makes it very durable.
All our kids dinnerware is made to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, making them a great investment.

How can I choose the right dinnerware for my child?
We recommend considering your child's age, preferences, and needs when selecting dinnerware. For younger children, spout cups and bowls may be the better choice, while older children may prefer more independent designs such as regular cups and plates.
Moreover, you can choose dinnerware based on your child’s favourites colour and Deer friend to make eating more fun.

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