Done by Deer sleeping bags powder and blue

3 benefits of a baby sleeping bag

Our baby sleeping bags will keep tiny ones warm and comforted while sleeping. The sleepy bags will stay put no matter how much little sleepers move around. The sleepy bags are made of 100% soft and comfy OEKO-TEX certified cotton. Our sleepy bags are available in soft pastel colourways: sand, powder and blue and in two sizes 70 cm or 90 cm to suit little sleepy heads age aprox. 0-6 months and aprox. 6-18 months.
Croco tummy time pillow let your baby enjoy tummy time with sensory features

Tummy time toys

To make tummy time even more fun try intoducing toys your little one can enjoy while being on the tummy.  Practising laying on the tummy is key for babies to develop and strengthen the muscles they need to push up, roll and crawl.
Hospital bag packing list with changing bag in mustard from Done by Deer

The ultimate hospital bag packing list

Looking for the ultimate checklist for your hospital bag? We have asked our Instagram followers to mention all the must-have items to bring when having a baby.So read on and get ready for when your little one is arriving.
Stick and stay silicone tableware from Done by Deer in mustard, green and powder

Stick & Stay tableware for kids

Tired of food ending on the floor in stead of  your baby's mouth?Our practical and fun silicone tableware with a clever suction base that help little eaters  learning to eat on their own.
Done by Deer kids picnic

Picnic ideas for kids

Vanja Bjelica has set up a beautiful picnic spot outside for her little one. Get inspired by the images and Vanja's tips on how to create an unforgettable picnic. Go all out with a picnic for your little one to enjoy delicious treats and play under the bright blue sky. 
Done by Deer tropic theme kids room interior

Tiny tropics

Venturing into the wild – the ‘Tiny tropics’ is an abundance of green leaves drizzled with delicate golden details.
Your babys first toys from Done by Deer

First toys

Babies start to develop their senses from a very early stage and supporting this development is essential.
Baby food universe with tableware from Done by Deer

Baby Food Universe

Get a tasty and colourful recipe from the Baby Food Universe cookbook and raise adventurous little eaters with a whole world of flavorful purées and toddler foods
Baby swaddled all up in Done by Deer swaddle with Deer friends

How to help your baby sleep better using a swaddle

Elevate your baby's sleep experience with swaddling. Learn from a midwife and nursing counselor why swaddles are recommended for peaceful nights and joyful mornings. Discover the soothing embrace that nurtures better sleep for your little one.

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