Girl with a backpack - ready for starting kindergarten

4 tips for starting preschool

Is your child starting kindergarten or (pre)school?

Consider these four tips to ensure a smooth transition and give your child the best start.

Starting kindergarten and (pre)school is a huge milestone for your child and you! 

And new beginnings often result in big feelings; Excitement, nervousness, or even both!

Here are 4 tips to give your child the best possible start on this new journey.

1. It’s all the same!

Predictable routines are key to a great start.

Predictability provides a sense of security and helps children adjust to a new schedule.

Therefore, try to establish consistent routines for mornings, meals, and bedtime.

The sooner you start, the easier it gets when you get to the first day.

Croco backpack

2. Come say hi!

Before the first day, arrange a visit to the kindergarten, preschool, or school with your child.

Getting to know the ‘where’ and the ‘who’ can help demystify your child’s thoughts about starting something new and build a sense of familiarity.
Girl with a backpack getting ready for school

3. Let’s get excited!

Get your child excited about starting this new journey by giving them something that’s connected to starting preschool or kindergarten.

It could be a new cool and cute bag, a practical lunch box, a leak-proof drinking bottle, or even a new Deer friend cuddle toy to bring for comfort.

A comforting friend

4. Stay positive!

If you’re positive about your child’s new surroundings, then it will rub off on your little one.

Interacting with your child’s new friends, other parents, and teachers will show your child that you’re comfortable with the situation.

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