We are so thrilled to announce that Done by Deer have won, not just one, but FOUR Junior Design Awards! One of our products has even won two awards.

Done by Deer wins four Junior Design Awards

We are so thrilled to announce that Done by Deer have won, not just one, but FOUR Junior Design Awards! One of our products has even won two awards. 

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Done by Deer wins exciting design awards

The Junior Design Awards:

Keep reading to see what nice words the judges said about our winning products.


The jury said: This fresh and contemporary take on co-ordinated and mix and match baby lifestyle products really got our judges excited. They loved the pared back, graphic designs that all focus around a group of adorable, friendly animal characters drawn in a simple linear style with lots of personality. The products themselves are both gorgeous to look at and cleverly designed. 

I am a huge fan of Done by Deer. Their clever pared back animal shapes and drawings featuring bold candy stripes are just gorgeous and bring a breath of fresh air to nursery décor and accessories", Bonita Turner, Contributing Editor, Junior 

Very pleasing to the eye designs and products for babies, 

Mariko Kuo, Instagram Influencer and blogger 

Read more from the jury here 


Tiny tropics activity gym & playmat

The jury said: This activity gym and play mat really is a thing of beauty. Our judges loved the forest green colourway, the co-ordinating super cute, patterned animals and the sleek curve of the weighted arch that can be cleverly adjusted to suit the reach of your baby. Truly a piece of design you’d be pround to have in your living room or any room of the house for that matter. 

I will be recommending this to anyone looking for a fun but stylish activity gym. So lovely to look at and I love the fact that the carry handles make it so easily portable

Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

 There is something so restful about the deep green of this set and I really like the quirky animal characters and the option of fastening them to either the arch or the mat to give baby a variety of stretches and points of interest. Gorgeous!Ellie Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

Read more from the jury here 


Tiny tropics activity gym & playmat

The jury said: This forest green mat with gorgeous jungle print fabric animals really caught our judges’ attention. They loved the subtle soothing colours and the fact that this is a plastic free design that won’t dominate any space that it sits in. The clever self supporting arch design was also much applauded as was the fact that it can be folded up and has handles for extra portability.

Great product, love the unisex design, love the no primary colour prints and great that it's all moveable, 

Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver, founder of 'This is Mothership'

This is the most gorgeous play arch. We were able to witness little Cosmo playing in this for an age and he was absolutely captivated. It's stunning quality and really very beautiful, 

Gemma Metcalfe, founder of female empowering lifestyle store 'Mutha.Hood'

This is great, looks amazing and easy to take around for baby"

Georgia Dayton and Zoe Hardman founders of 'Made by Mammas'

Read more from the jury here



Elphee stick & stay plate and spout/snack cup

The jury said: Apart from their well considered, practical and versatile designs, these tableware pieces are just so adorable! All our judges were cooing over the gorgeous elephant designs and pastel colours.

When cute is actually incredibly stylish. I love, love, love this brand and the suction plate and diggy snack pot are perfect for little hands and minds, 

Gemma Metcalfe of the Mutha.Hood

Love the snack cup

Clemmie Telford, founder of 'Mother of All Lists'

Love this snack cup! Lightweight and a gorgeous design - so perfect for little hands, and love that it goes from cup to snack pot

Hollie de Cruz, founder of 'the yesmum cards'

Read more from the jury here

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