4 non-scary Halloween DIYs

4 non-scary Halloween DIYs

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary.

It can be cute!

Create a child-friendly Halloween with different kinds of ghosts, fun pumpkins, and lots of indoor fun.

We have gathered 4 fun and easy DIY-ideas for creating a spooktacular Halloween for kids.

Create your own ghost

Use some of your burp cloths or swaddles to create your very own ghosts – choose the colour you want.

How to:

  1. Take a piece of paper and roll it into a ball
  2. Place the ball of paper underneath the burp cloth or swaddle
  3. Secure the paper with a threaded needle
  4. Draw or cut out some eyes and attach them to the head of the ghost
  5. Hang up the (un)friendly ghost

Trick or treat

Use the bucket from our sand play set to go trick or treating.

It is perfect for collecting all the delicious treats from your neighbors.

You can draw and cut out some eyes or a whole face to make it more Halloween-ish.

Pumpkin carving

Create a fun, cute, or spooky pumpkin with a little help from our sand play set.

Lalee will help scoop out the pumpkin pulp and Croco is an excellent model.

Make it less of a mess with a long sleeved bib.

Meet & eat for trick & treat

Invite your family to a cosy Halloween picnic – it can be both indoors and outdoors.

Create some cute eatable Halloween decorations and set the table for a nice meal before going trick or treating.

We have set the table with our PeekaBOO collection in mustard and green for an extra Halloween mood.

Make cute pumpkins out of clementines and celery and spooky banana ghosts with raisin faces.

Enjoy a cute and friendly Halloween with kids!

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