Nursery from Done by Deer with sea friends

How to decorate an under-the-sea themed nursery

Dive into a cute and adventurous ocean-themed nursery with our fun loving Sea friends Jelly & Wally.

When creating an ocean feel in your nursery, a great place to start is by making the bed into a place for underwater dreams.


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Soft organic bedlinen

Our soft, organic bedlinen makes the perfect base, decorated with shells, coral reef, sea stars and the two Sea friends Jelly and Wally.

Add a bedbumper and complete the look with a cozy blanket.  

Done by Deer wally whale on sea friends blanket

TIP: The bedlinen comes with a matching tote bag that you can use to store toys, clothes etc. Hang it on your wall for decorative storage.

Done by Deer sea friends activity toys and bedlinen

Comforting tunes and sleepy Sea friends

Next, is to let your tiny one head into dreamland with a comforting tune and sleepy fish friends.

Wally, Jelly and the tiny fish swim calmly around the coral reef when our musical mobile plays the soft tones of 'Mozart's lullaby".

Babies can discover their reflections in the mirror that floats above the sleepy Sea friends and dive into dreamland feeling safe and sound. 

Done by Deer musical mirror mobile with sea friends in blue

Now it's time to set up a functional changing station

Set up a practical changing table and turn the whole thing into an ocean-edition with the Sea friends changing pad and a bunch of soft muslin burp cloths.

Done by Deer changing station with sea friends

The changing pad has a practical waterproof surface making it the perfect spot to dry your baby after a lovely bath.

Wrap your little one in our soft muslin hooded towel and hang the musical mobile above to set a cozy mood. 

Playtime is where the real fun begins!

Alongside our well-known Deer friends universe there is a new underwater world waiting to be explored in the play room.

Dive into playful learning and big adventures with our new Sea friends toy additions.

Go explore here!


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