activity toys for babies & toddlers

activity toys for babies & toddlers


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Finger puppet set 3 pcs - Deer friends - Colour mixFinger puppet set 3 pcs - Deer friends - Colour mix
Fold-out soft book - Croco - GreenFold-out soft book - Croco - Green
To go activity mirror - Happy clouds - BlueTo go activity mirror - Happy clouds - Blue
To go activity mirror - Happy clouds - PapayaTo go activity mirror - Happy clouds - Papaya
Activity ball - Puffee - Colour mix - FrontActivity ball - Puffee - Blue
Activity ball - Puffee - Blue
Sale price 26,95 EUR
Activity ball - Puffee - PowderActivity ball - Puffee - Powder
Activity book - Elphee - Grey - FrontActivity book - Elphee - Grey
Activity book - Elphee - Grey
Sale price 32,95 EUR
Activity book - Lalee - Sand - FrontActivity book - Lalee - Sand - Front
Activity book - Lalee - Sand
Sale price 39,95 EUR
Activity book - Sea friends - Colour mix - FrontActivity book - Sea friends - Colour mix
Activity floor mirror - Elphee - Grey - FrontActivity floor mirror - Elphee - Grey
Activity floor mirror - Lalee - Sand - FrontActivity floor mirror - Lalee - Sand - Back
Activity floor mirror - Raffi - Mustard - FrontActivity floor mirror - Raffi - Mustard - Back
Activity floor mirror - Wally - Blue - FrontActivity floor mirror - Wally - Blue - Back
Activity floor mirror - Wally - PowderActivity floor mirror - Wally - Powder
Activity ring - Deer friends - Blue - Front
Activity ring - Deer friends - Grey - FrontActivity ring - Deer friends - Grey
Activity ring - Deer friends - Powder - Front
Activity ring - Lalee - SandActivity ring - Lalee - Sand
Activity ring - Lalee - Sand
Sale price 24,95 EUR
Activity spiral - Deer friends - Blue - FrontActivity spiral - Deer friends - Blue
Activity spiral - Deer friends - Grey - FrontActivity spiral - Deer friends - Grey
Activity spiral - Deer friends - Powder - FrontActivity spiral - Deer friends - Powder
Activity spiral - Happy clouds - SandActivity spiral - Happy clouds - Sand
Activity spiral - Lalee - Sand - FrontActivity spiral - Lalee - Sand - Lifestyle
Activity spiral - Lalee - Sand
Sale price 43,95 EUR
Activity spiral - Sea friends - BlueActivity spiral - Sea friends - Blue

Our activity toys are made for entertaining and developing your baby and toddler.
Playing with your baby or toddler help them to a better understanding of the world, stimulate their senses, and boost their motor-skills development.
Our Deer friends will love to play too and will do their best to keep your baby or toddler entertained.

Which activity toys are best for baby development?
Awakening your baby's senses with fun crinkle sounds, bright colours, and sensory textures.
Baby sensory toys are a great way to stimulate your baby’s senses; seeing, hearing, touching, (and tasting).
Sensory and activity toys such as activity spirals and sensory to-go toys are perfect for curious, little fingers to play with.

Which toys are good for baby tummy time?
Encourage your newborn and baby to spend time on its tummy with the right tummy time toys.
Our Croco tummy time activity toy can make tummy time more enjoyable as your baby can explore the different sensory features while strengthening the neck and back muscles.
Little ones also love to see and be amazed by their own reflection, so using a floor mirror is also a great way to entertain your little one during tummy time.
See also our wide selection of play gyms and activity blankets right here.

Why are soft books good for babies?
Our baby soft books are great for introducing your baby to the wonderful world of reading.
You can even start reading to your newborn as your baby will love to hear your voice.
The many sensory features and soft, fabric pages are perfect for even the tiniest fingers to grab and feel.

Which toys to buy for toddlers?
When you baby grows into a toddler, you need to think about toys that fit to that stage of life.
Toddlers are curious and are eager to explore the world and figure out the connection of things.
Peg puzzles and stacking cubes are perfect for a toddler’s development stage as they train their hand-eye coordination.

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