5 easy steps: How to plan a baby shower full of love

5 easy steps: How to plan a baby shower full of love

Having a baby is something to celebrate and planning a baby shower for the mum-to-be is a great tradition. 

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Planning the perfect shower and finding the perfect gift is a fun task.

Here you find five easy steps to make a memorable day and great gift ideas for a little baby girl or baby boy. 

Five easy steps to plan a memorable day

1. Host a surprise baby shower for your expectant friend, creating a relaxing and stress-free zone outside her own home, a place that doesn't leave her with any after-party cleaning.
2. Pick a date within her last trimester, invite her friends in due time, and share the tasks of planning. Let everyone chip in with ideas and make it a potluck party of delicious foods.
3. Whether you know if it's a boy or a girl, choose a theme. Create your own decorations and arrange for a cake and other snacks to match.
4. Prepare some fun games, like who can guess the exact birthdate, weight, length, etc.

5. Document the event by taking lots of pictures. Make a personal card and shower the mother-to-be with gifts she will remember you by.

Baby shower gift ideas for baby girls and boysBaby shower gift ideas

Great gifts are gifts that both the baby and the parents will appreciate.

Give the mom-to-be something that will give her a minute or two to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while the baby is playing and exploring. For example, an activity play mat or gym, a cozy lounger, or a sensory play mat.

Practical baby things don't have to be boring. Get the little family some cute and practical burp cloths, some lovely storage baskets for the children's room, or adorable bedlinen for sweet dreams.

Toys for babies come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. The activity toys with a lot of playful features, the soft and cuddly ones, and the ones perfect for going out and about

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