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How to help your baby sleep better using a swaddle

Elevate your baby's sleep experience with swaddling. Learn from a midwife and nursing counselor why swaddles are recommended for peaceful nights and joyful mornings. Discover the soothing embrace that nurtures better sleep for your little one.
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Many parents are surprised about their newborn babies not being able to fall asleep by themselves or that they will awaken as soon as they are put down.

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Sonja Eskandari, midwife and nursing counsellor, believes that a newborn will often be unable to fall asleep by itself if you put it down with just a blanket or duvet.

A baby needs to feel safe and sound in a familiar environment because it is used to a very small and shielded space from the time in the womb.

By imitating this, the baby will become calmer and fall asleep more easily. 

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The best way to do this is by swaddling the baby.

By using a swaddle you imitate the safe environment from the mother’s womb and prevent the baby from flailing its arms and legs, a so called moro reflex that can wake the baby if it happens during sleep.

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