Baby with high-contrast coloured baby toys

The Importance of contrast-coloured toys

Research shows newborns can perceive dots and stripes, laying the foundation for exploring a vibrant spectrum of hues and patterns. In this blog post you'll learn how high-contrast-coloured toys ignites your baby's visual development.

During the early months of your baby's life, their visual perceptions of colours and contrasts begin to unfold.

By introducing high-contrast-coloured toys at this age will strengthen your baby’s visual development.

Baby looking at a card with black and white dots

It’s all black & white

Research shows that newborns, with their developing sight, can perceive high-contrast patterns such as dots and stripes in varying shades of light and dark.

In the first months, your baby’s vision is blurry, but high-contrast colours help your baby to focus and nurture your baby's visual development.

baby looking at contrast cube

A world of colours

Around 3-4 months, your baby will start to see other vibrant colours such as red and yellow and their ability to discern more complex patterns, like cute, colourful motifs, improves.

The playful patterns of dots, confetti, and stripes look fantastic but also intrigue your baby's curiosity, encouraging them to explore and engage with their surroundings.

As your baby's sight matures, they'll delight in discovering the various textures, tags, shapes, and movements in our playtime products.

baby playing with a black and white dotted scarf

By providing toys that stimulate their senses, you're not just entertaining them – you're also fostering their cognitive and sensory development.

Invest in toys that not only entertain but also contribute to your baby's growth and learning journey.

Explore our collection of contrast-coloured toys today and give your little one the best start in their visual development journey.

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