Done by Deer tropic theme kids room interior

Tiny tropics

Venturing into the wild – the ‘Tiny tropics’ is an abundance of green leaves drizzled with delicate golden details.
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Our special collection is designed with love for all little adventurers. With the distinct graphic Done by Deer style, the tropical foliage brings the outdoors in and complements the Nordic style perfectly.
Alongside the Deer friends there is a wilderness to be explored by the tiniest ones. Whether it is time for play, snacks or sleep there is plenty of fun and adventure to be found.
The tropical elements will inspire the tiny ones’ remarkable ability to take in the world around them while developing and challenging their senses.
Go ahead – explore the tiny tropics...

Add a tropical touch to your kids room with soft and playful hues of green that complement the Nordic style perfectly.

Done by Deer tropic kids room interior with Deer friends

Body set

Venture into the wild with your baby's first body set. Large green leaves and black and white Deer friends decorate the two short sleeved bodies.

Done by Deer tropic textiles

Cozy nest

Large green leaves wrap your tiny one, creating a cozy and comforting nest. 

Done by Deer tropic cozy nest

The Cozy nest is perfect for baby's first sleeps and provides a feeling of safety when transitioning from mummy's tummy to bed, pram or on-the-go.

Done by Deer tropic activity toys and interior
Done by Deer tropic activity toys

Dinner set

The Deer friends Croco, Raffi, Elphee & Ozzo peek out from behind the green leaves – ready to make eating fun for little ones.

Done by Deer green tropic tableware

The Tiny tropics dinner set includes a plate, bowl, spoon, cup and anti-slip silicone leaf placemat – making it a perfect gift idea for first eaters.

Done by Deer green tropic tableware

Activity gym with play mat

On the soft mat of quilted leaves there is plenty of adventures to be found. Tiny explorers have fun with the Deer friends and the stimulating features of the Activity gym.

Done by Deer green blanket and activity gym

The baby gym is free-standing, flexible and has adjustable width and height to help your growing baby reach the toys.

Use the gym on the floor, in bed or playpen, over a cozy nest, at changing time. It's easy to fold up to bring along or store away.

The Gym includes activities with rattles, mirrors, crinkle sounds, tags, shapes and textures. The 3 toys can be moved between 17 points on the arch or be attached to the mat with the toy links. 

Done by Deer tropic activity blanket

Use the mat on its own. It folds up and has a practical carry handle.

Done by Deer tropic blanket for babies

Teething gift set

When baby is teething, the chewy material of the Tiny teething rattle will be soothing and stimulating for the visual, oral, and tactile senses. The sweet rattle sound will provide fun and trigger curiosity.
The teething bib with waterproof lining will keep your baby dry.

Done by Deer baby in tropic jumper on blanket

Tiny activity toys

Tropical eye-catching details and playful features make the tiny toys perfect for practicing the first skills.

Done by Deer tropic activity toys in green

Age 2-4 months: Designed to fit the tiniest hand and by the slightest uncontrolled movement it will make a sound, triggering the baby's curiosity and stimulating the reflexes.

Age 3-5 months: The baby starts to be interested in exploring and will love the chewy material and sweet sound of the Tiny teething rattle. The texture on the chewing ring will stimulate both the visual, oral, and tactile senses.

Age 4-6 months: The baby begins to explore using both hands. The Antee handle of the string rattle is easy to hold while the other hand explores the fun and textured strings and activates the rattle sound.

Done by Deer activity toys in green with tropic theme
Babies playing with activity toys in green from Done by Deer

The 'Tiny tropics' special collection offers several cutely packaged gift sets that make perfect presents for tiny ones. The collection is available in selected stores and webshops.

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