Little Interiors wins Design Award

Little Interiors wins Design Award

'Little interiors' by Done by Deer has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product design 2017.
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The best from the past combined with a modern Scandinavian feel of today. 'Little interiors' by Done by Deer is a new line of furniture for the modern nursery designed and made in Denmark.

At this year’s Red Dot Award, the jury selected 'Little interiors' to receive one of the prestigious awards, because of the timeless design, amongst no less than 5.500 products from 54 nations.  

Inspired by the workmanship of the 50’s and 60’s, 'Little interiors' is exclusively detailed pieces of furniture for sleeping, nappy changing and storing. All with a delicate retro look that will complement any setting, creating a unique space for your little ones…

The baby cot converts to accommodate your child’s needs and development and will take your tiny one up through the toddler years. The base has two adjustable height settings and the front rail can be removed or replaced by a bed guard to become a bed for a toddler or a comfortable sofa where you can enjoy cozy moments with your child.

The baby cot is available in white, grey, powder and blue.

Create a cozy and practical changing station by adding the top changer to the storage rack, which offers plenty of space with the possibility of adding specially made soft storage baskets. When the changing table, has been outgrown, the rack will find the perfect use for storing toys and books.

The storage rack is available in white and grey.

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