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kids water bottles


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Straw bottle - Lalee - Sand - FrontStraw bottle - Lalee - Sand - Front
Straw bottle - Lalee - Sand
Sale price 109,95 DKK
Straw bottle - Croco - Green - FrontStraw bottle - Croco - Green - Front
Straw bottle - Croco - Green
Sale price 109,95 DKK
Metal bottle - Croco - GreenMetal bottle - Croco - Green
Metal bottle - Croco - Green
Available in stores
Straw bottle - Elphee - BlueStraw bottle - Elphee - Blue
Straw bottle - Elphee - Blue
Sale price 109,95 DKK
Straw bottle - Happy clouds - GreenStraw bottle - Happy clouds - Green
Metal bottle - Sea friends - BeigeMetal bottle - Sea friends - Beige
Straw bottle - Ozzo - Powder - FrontStraw bottle - Ozzo - Powder - Front
Straw bottle - Ozzo - Powder
Sale price 109,95 DKK
Metal bottle - Elphee - BlueMetal bottle - Elphee - Blue
Metal bottle - Elphee - Blue
Sale price 149,95 DKK
Straw bottle - Raffi - Mustard - FrontStraw bottle - Raffi - Mustard - Front
Straw bottle - Raffi - Mustard
Sale price 109,95 DKK
Straw bottle - Sea friends - Mustard/Grey - BackStraw bottle - Sea friends - Mustard/Grey - Front
Straw bottle - Sea friends - Mustard/Grey
Sale price 87,96 DKK Regular price 109,95 DKK
Metal bottle - Ozzo - PowderMetal bottle - Ozzo - Powder
Metal bottle - Ozzo - Powder
Sale price 149,95 DKK
Easy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - GreenEasy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - Green
Straw bottle - Sea friends - Powder - BackStraw bottle - Sea friends - Powder - Front
Kids insulated bottle holder - Lalee - SandKids insulated bottle holder - Lalee - Sand
Straw bottle - Happy clouds - PapayaStraw bottle - Happy clouds - Papaya
Straw bottle - Sea friends - Blue - BackStraw bottle - Sea friends - Blue - Front
Easy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - PowderEasy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - Powder
Kids insulated bottle holder - Croco - GreenKids insulated bottle holder - Croco - Green
Easy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - SandEasy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - Sand
Easy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - PapayaEasy-grip straw bottle - Elphee - Papaya
Thermo metal bottle - Lalee - SandThermo metal bottle - Lalee - Sand
Kids insulated bottle holder - Ozzo - PowderKids insulated bottle holder - Ozzo - Powder
Thermo metal bottle - Sea friends - BeigeThermo metal bottle - Sea friends - Beige
Thermo metal bottle - Deer friends - Colour mixThermo metal bottle - Deer friends - Colour mix

Kids' water bottles - Stay hydrated with Deerfriends

Discover our wide range of drinking bottles for kids. From cute straw bottles to sturdy metal drinking bottles

Made from durable and safe materials and featuring leak-proof designs, these kids ‘water bottles are perfect for on-the-go adventures or simply staying hydrated at home.

With a variety of colours, and cute Deer friends’ design, finding the perfect bottle to match your child's personality is easy.

Shop our kids' water bottles collection today and make hydration a breeze for your little ones.

With a range of options to suit every need and preference, Done by Deer has everything you need to keep your children hydrated and happy.

Are Done by Deer water bottles leak-proof?
Yes, our water bottles are designed to be leak-proof, featuring secure lids and hide-away straws to prevent spills.

The straw is tucked away when you close the lid making them the ideal leak-proof companion for school, kindergarten, and family outings.

However, it's important to always double-check that the lid is properly closed before putting the bottle in a bag or backpack.

Are your kids’ water bottles free from BPA and phthalates?
Yes, all our kids' water bottles are BPA-free and free from phthalates.

We understand the importance of safety when it comes to children's products, so we ensure that our bottles are free from any harmful chemicals.

How do I clean Done by Deer water bottles?
Cleaning our water bottles is easy! Simply disassemble the bottle and straw, if applicable, and wash them with warm, soapy water.

You can also use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas.

For added convenience, our straw bottles are also dishwasher safe making them even easier to clean.

Can I use your bottles to keep liquids hot or cold?

Our insulated thermo metal bottles are designed to keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

This makes our thermos bottles ideal for bringing hot or cold water for mixing your child’s meals on the go.

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