Done by Deer activity gym for babies

5 ways to use the activity gym

Looking for the perfect activity gym for your little one?
The flexible and award winning Done by Deer Activity Gym is the perfect fit for any home - we'll give you 5 tips on how to use it.

The classic activity arch has been further developed by the Done by Deer design team and the result is the award-winning activity gym.

An innovative take on the classic activity center lead to a much more flexible and unique activity gym that does not require a baby blanket to stand – it can stand freely anywhere.

Because of the flexible design, you have several options on how to use it for your baby.

5 ways to use the activity gym
The activity gym differs from the classical baby gyms due to its free-standing and flexible design. 

Here are 5 ways to use it for different situations: 

  • Put the activity gym in your baby's play pen and surround your baby with Deer friends.
  • Place the activity gym over the baby nest and let your baby have a wonderful time studying all the toys.
  • Use the gym on the changing table and nappy changes will be more fun.
  • Encourage tummy time and practice crawling skills on the floor.
  • Bring the gym outside on a lovely day and let your little one take part in gardening life. 

Stimulation of baby's senses
The baby’s senses are stimulated by the noises, the different textures and the contrasting colours incorporated into the three toys.

Width and height of the activity gym can easily be adjusted, an innovative feature that helps babies reach the eye catching toys and a hanging mirror.

baby playing with toys hanging from an activity arch
A mirror on one leg of the arch and a soft patch on the other attract the attention of little eyes and fingers as well.

Award winning design
Because of the innovative features the Activity gym won the international Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

For the Activity gym the statement by the jury was:

“With its flexible design, the activity gym is an innovative variant of the classical centre.”

Baby reaching for bird on the Done by Deer activity arch

The Activity Gym not only sparks the imagination of the little ones but is also a modern design piece in the home.

The classy toned-down colour of the arch makes it the perfect match for the design conscious family.

The Activity Gym is soft and safe for babies to play with, it stands firmly on its two feet and being flexible in design it is no problem to store away, move around or bring along when going places.

Activity gym - Lalee - Sand
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