meet our lovable

deer friends

meet our lovable

deer friends

The Done by Deer universe is created around the Deer friends who all wander in and out of our products.

Our Deer friends will love to grow up with your little one and be the best companion anyone can ask for.

From dinner time, to play time, and even at bed time you can count on the Deer friends.

All the friends are good at being cuddly and keeping secrets, and they all have different skills and personalities – so there is a Deer friend for all little ones.

shop Antee the anteater


"it's okay to be nozy"

shop Birdee the little bird


"keep singing happy tunes"


"I'll look after you, my friend"

shop Elphee the elephant


"your secrets are safe with me"

shop Jelly the jellyfish


"have a splashing good day"

shop Lalee the llama


"daydream and bounce along"

shop Nozo the rhino


"new adventures - here I come"


"come dance with me"

shop Raffi the giraffe


"long necks are for long hugs"

shop Wally the whale


"have a whale of a time"

shop Zebee the zebra


"enjoy the day, sleep at night"

a deer friend for eveyone

Our beloved animals provide comfort, spark imaginatgion, and grow with kids, offering fun playtime and cuddles.

If little ones fall in love with a special Deer friend, they will stick to their chosen animal as they grow and develop.

You can rest assured that your child's favourite Deer friend will always feature across various categories and products

Helene Hjort, Head of Design

safe for kids

Our products are thoroughly tested