Why reading to your baby is important

Why reading to your baby is important

Want to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of reading?

Start early and you might end up with a little bookworm and a good alternative to screens.


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In this blog post, you’ll learn about all the benefits of reading with your child – even from a very early age.

Happy reading!

How early can you start?

Soft baby books or touch-and-feel books are perfect for even the youngest of babies.

Due to the soft, fabric pages, your child cannot hurt itself and the book will be able to withstand the inevitable biting and tearing of a baby.

In contrast to a print book, the soft baby books can be either washed or wiped clean with a damp cloth after play.

And even though your newborn doesn’t understand the words yet, your little one will enjoy hearing your voice and the comfort of being close to you.


Boost your babys development

Letting your baby play with a soft book is also a way of boosting the development of early skills.

Around 10-11 months, your little one may begin to learn how to turn the pages of a book and may also even begin playing with all the flaps, tags, and animals in the book practicing using their little hands and fingers.

Pointing at the pages boosts their hand-eye coordination and reading improves their language skills and understanding of words.

Child reading in a baby soft book

See, touch, and hear

Little, soft books are perfect for awakening your baby’s senses as they are filled with stimulating features.

The bright colours are pleasant to look at and the many different textures are fun to touch.

The crinkle sounds of the pages invite your little one to play and engage.

The perfect soft book

So, now you know about some of the benefits of introducing books to your little one.

Want to find the perfect books for curious, little fingers?

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