Done by Deer wins three Red Dot Design Awards

Done by Deer wins three Red Dot Design Awards

No less than three designs or design lines from Done by Deer have this year been awarded with the internationally quality seal – the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017.

Little interiors nursery furniture, Yummy+ dinnerware and the Activity play mat have all been recognised for their high design quality by the Red Dot jury and chosen amongst several thousands of products that this year competed for the prestigious Red Dot Award.

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Little interiors nursery furniture

The best from the past combined with a modern Scandinavian feel of today – 'Little interiors' is furniture for the modern nursery with notable and contemporary details and features – designed and produced in Denmark.
Inspired by the workmanship of the 50’s and 60’s, 'Little interiors' is designed for sleeping, nappy changing and storing. All with a delicate retro look that will complement any setting, creating a unique space for little ones.

Done by Deer kids room interior

The baby cot converts to accommodate your child’s needs and development and will take your tiny one up through the toddler years. 

Create a cozy and practical changing station by adding the top changer to the storage rack, which offers plenty of space with the possibility of adding specially made soft storage baskets.

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Done by Deer kids room interior

Yummy+ dinnerware

Designed for little hands with great ambitions Yummy+ is an exclusive series of melamine, which features a tiny cup, a small bowl, a little plate and a spoon and fork set. All with anti-slip/easy grip silicone – making baby’s first meals a success.


Done by Deer tableware

The adorable black and white design with happy dots and Elphee combined with soft pastel hues adds to the cute factor and will trigger the curiosity of little eaters.

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Done by Deer tableware with Eplhee


Activity play mat

The design team have worked carefully with every little detail, to create an activity play mat with an outstanding design that aligns with the rest of the home.

Activity play mat with toys from Done by Deer

Five cute toys with stimulating features can be moved around on the arches as they can also be attached to e.g. pram or stroller with the toy links. The soft quilted mat offers a safe and warm play area for the tiny ones – remove the arches and the mat can be used on its own.

By choosing toys in a modern Scandinavian design, kids’ stuff no longer feels like a foreign invasion, but a natural part of your home.
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Activity play mat with toys in grey from Done by Deer


Red Dot

The ‘Red Dot Award: Product Design’ is one of the most widely recognised product design competition in the world. The “Red Dot” is the revered international seal of outstanding design quality.

This year more than 5.500 designs from 54 nations passed the eyes of the Red Dot jury and only products which set themselves apart considerably, through their excellent design, received the sought-after quality seal.

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