Kids room with little interiors from Done by Deer
Kids room with interiors from Done by Deer

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Done by Deer 

Done by Deer is a Danish childrens brand that designs everyday essentials for families with kids – toys, tableware, and interiors that are fun and stimulating for little ones and pleasing for grown-ups to appreciate. 

All our products are designed in Denmark by Helene Hjort and her design team – Hjort means Deer in Danish. Our design team is excellent at spotting design trends and converting them into safe and long- lasting products that stimulate and spark the imagination of kids. Nothing is left to chance – every colour, material, and shape is chosen for a reason. We say that the ‘Deer’ is in every detail. 

We are 100% friendly in everything we do, starting with designing products that put a smile on everyone’s face, sourcing suppliers with similar values as ours, and creating a friendly working environment within the company and with all our business partners. 

Activity soft toys from Done by Deer

Products that are safe for your kids to use

All our products for babies and toddlers are naturally tested thoroughly to comply with strict European safety standards.

say hello to the Deer

Done by Deer is designed by Danish designer Helene Hjorth (Hjorth means deer in Danish) and her design team. They have a special ability to spot modern design trends and convert them into 100% friendly items that not only spark the imagination of kids, but are also modern design pieces for the home.

Helene and her design team constantly challenge themselves and their designs in order to innovate and make each product stand out. Nothing is left to coincidence and the deer is in every detail.

meet our loveable

Deer friends

Our Done by Deer universe is created around our fun and cute Deer friends, who wander in and out of our products as trusted friends keeping little ones company throughout the day.

They are really good at being cuddly and keeping secrets, and they all want to become someone’s new best friend.

Lalee is always ready for daydreaming and bouncing along, Elphee will keep the most deerest secrets, and Croco has a warm heart filled with good energy. Little ones will have a forever friend in our Deer friends.

safe for kids

Our products are thoroughly tested