Little girl and Deer Raffi on Done by Deer bedlinen print with Deer friends

Happy home '19

Welcome to our Happy home where seven Deer friends join your little ones on their incredible journey growing up, learning and mastering new skills.

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Explore a modern nursery with functional and convertible furniture and find playful and practical interiors for organising and decorating. Cuddle up in soft and dreamy textiles, be entertained by joyful and educational toys that both delight and excite. Discover cool tableware essentials that will make eating fun while supporting your little eater in reaching more and important milestones.
A Scandinavian atmosphere is set in soft pastel tones contrasted by darker hues with added black and golden touches. Playful dots and stripes boost a happy vibe.

Hello from all Deer friends from Done by Deer

Perfectly snug in dreamy textiles

Little ones cuddle up snug and warm in soft pastel colours delicately sprinkled with dreamy dots.
Cute Elphee and Croco cozy keepers keep pacifiers close by and join tiny sleepyheads when it’s time to head off to dreamland. The Deer friends will keep you company when you Zzznooze away.

Baby in cozy nest from Done by Deer in powder

The cute new textile collection 'Dreamy dots' includes a soft cozy nest, bedding, nursery pillow, bed bumper and changing pads.

Done by Deer nursery interior

Done by Deer bedlinen in blue

Mirror mirror up above...

Tiny ones can enjoy the comforting lullaby from the musical mirror mobile and have fun discovering reflections in the mirror that floats above the sleepy friends.

Done by Deer musical mirror mobile in neutral colours for babies

Done by Deer changing station interior in neutral colours

Done by Deer changing station furniture with Deer friends and activity toys

Play around

Done by Deer toys are designed to develop childrens' senses with details and functions that eyes and little fingers love to explore.

The subtle yet contrasting colours used in the designs are stimulating as well as pleasing to look at.

Done by Deer activity toys on rack



With a special focus on toys, the happy home '19 collection, is introducing a Walker and a Pull-along sorting box – Croco, the warm-hearted crocodile will encourage and support the first steps and trigger the little ones' curiosity to figure out which shapes go where.

Done by deer kids activity toys

Done by Deer activity toys

The chunky play puzzle is easy for little fingers to grasp and help the Deer friends find their way back back into place.

Girl sitting on bed playing with Croco from Done by Deer

Activity toys for babies and toddlers from Done by Deer with Deer friends

Make eating fun

Gathering around the table for meals is the heart of everyday family life – invite your little ones to join in.

With our practical and fun tableware, little eaters are all set for learning to eat on their own. It’s an exciting and important milestone.

Elphee stick & stay plate

The silicone Elphee stick & stay plate with two practical compartments will stay in place and help little eaters master their eating skills.

Done by Deer stick and stay silicone tableware
Press the plate down and it will stick to a smooth surface with natural suction preventing little ones from pushing, tipping, or throwing it. An easy-release flap is hidden behind Elphee's ear.

Spout and snack cup

Practise first sips or enjoy an easy snacktime with the two handled spout and snack cup.
The snack lid is perfect for crumb-free snack time – giving your little one easy access to fruits, tiny food cuttings and such. The smart lid keeps the snacks inside if the cup tips over.


Done by Deer tableware with Deer friends

Done by Deer tableware

Done by Deer tableware with Deer friends and with silicone top

Done by Deer bibs

Explore the happy home '19 collection in more detail here.

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