Ready, set, go!

Ready, set, go!

Let the Deer friends be a familiar face for your little one wherever you go – it can be all you need to make a stress-free journey.

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Entertainment on the go

Leaving home with a baby can be quite an adventure. Bags are packed with diapers, burp cloths, changing mat, pacifiers, blanket, food, and all the other necessary baby stuff. But hold on a minute! Don’t forget the entertainment.

Activity pram toys can be an essential part of a trip, because who wouldn’t want to bring a Deer friend when going places?

A friend to go, a cute musical toy, or a funny attachable mirror. Done by Deer offers many activity options for your baby. With an aim to create toys that are stimulating for the tiny ones, but lovable by all ages, the focus is on a subtle colour scheme that still has plenty of details to encourage the baby to investigate and be curious.

Our 'To Go Activity Set' is the perfect partner to a car seat for instance, featuring a Jelly-shaped mirror and a cute Wally with a little starfish. In addition, there's plenty of entertainment in the crinkly arms, colourful tags, different textures, and a cute bell.

All of our to go toys will stimulate your little one's senses and curiosity with all the fun features. The toy will entertain your baby on the go and make it easier for you to run your errands.

Considering your baby's needs when travelling usually involves more than just bringing food or clean diapers. Providing them with a variety of toys will keep them entertained and busy – and definitely make the trip more enjoyable.

So grab your baby's Deer friends and enjoy spending time with your tiny one without any stress – just fun!


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