Croco tummy time pillow let your baby enjoy tummy time with sensory features

Tummy time toys

To make tummy time even more fun try intoducing toys your little one can enjoy while being on the tummy. 

Practising laying on the tummy is key for babies to develop and strengthen the muscles they need to push up, roll and crawl.

Croco tummy time pillow

Sensory features like a rattle, a mirror and textures will make your baby associate tummy time with something enjoyable. 
On the Croco tummy time pillow little ones are supported while the many sensory features encourage them to have a longer and more active tummy time.

Lalee activity floor mirror

Tiny ones are easily captivated by their own reflection, which makes the floor mirror ideal for encouraging babies to enjoy tummy time. 
The Lalee floor mirror is designed with many features like colourful tags, tactile textures, crinkle and rattle sounds. Its sandbag filling makes it stand firmly on the floor.


Soft sensory play mat – easy to fold up

With all the time spent on the tummy your little one will need to be comfortable. The soft padded sensory play mat with Lalee or Sea friends is ideal for play and tummy time.
The mat is easy to fold up, bring along or store away. 


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