Deer friends with stripes from Done by Deer

Deer friends

Whether it’s love at first sight, or a friend in the making, the relationship between a child and a stuffed animal is to be taken very seriously.

For grown-ups a stuffed animal is usually just that, but for most kids a stuffed animal can be something very unique.  

Girl laying on Deer friends soft toys from Done by Deer

Most children will at some point form a very special bond with a particular comfort object, whether it’s a so-called security blanket, a favourite toy or a stuffed animal, the child will feel really attached to it, and sometimes even insist on bringing it everywhere.

Bring Croco anywhere

When that happens it’s much more than just play. It provides the child with a sense of love, security and comfort, feelings only fulfilled earlier on by mom and dad.
It usually happens when the child begins to explore the world around it and this object will help the child to feel brave and practice being more independent and social as well as preparing the child for new friends. All things that can reduce separation anxiety.

The Done by Deer universe is created around such stuffed animals, the Deer friends : LaleeZebee, Raffi, Croco, Ozzo, Antee, Elphee, Nozo, and the Sea friends: Jelly and Wally, who all wander in and out of the products. 

The Deer friends are all really good at being cuddly and keeping secrets, and they are all waiting to become someone’s new best friend.

Cuddle up with your Deer friend from Done by Deer



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