Foodie bowls

Foodie bowls


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Foodie bowl - Croco - GreenFoodie bowl - Croco - Green
Foodie bowl - Croco - Green
Sale price 9,95 EUR
Foodie bowl - Happy clouds - PowderFoodie bowl - Happy clouds - Powder
Foodie bowl - Elphee - BlueFoodie bowl - Elphee - Blue
Foodie bowl - Elphee - Blue
Sale price 9,95 EUR
Foodie bowl set - Happy Clouds - PowderFoodie bowl set - Happy Clouds - Powder
Foodie bowl set - Elphee - BlueFoodie bowl set - Elphee - Blue
Foodie bowl set - Croco - GreenFoodie bowl set - Croco - Green

Kids bowls - Playful bowls for babiesand toddlers

Our bowls for kids are designed to captivate your child's imagination and meet the practical needs at mealtime.

Crafted from high-quality and safe materials like silicone and PP (polypropylene), our range promises durability, safety, and easy cleaning.

Silicone Bowls: Soft, durable and practical
Discover the joy of mealtime with our silicone bowls, the perfect combination of flexibility and functionality.

These bowls are not just safe for your little ones but also remarkably durable, capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures.

The non-slip, unbreakable design makes them ideal for babies who are learning to feed themselves, providing a worry-free experience for parents.

PP Bowls: Lightweight and durable
Our Foodie and Kiddish bowls made from PP (polypropylene) bowls are designed for parents seeking light and durable options.

These bowls are incredibly resilient and free from any harmful substances, ensuring that mealtime is always safe and enjoyable.

Bowls with suction base: Say goodbye to spills
Wave goodbye to mealtime messes with our Stick & Stay bowls featuring a suction base.

These bowls stay in place, preventing spills and allowing for smoother, cleaner feeding sessions.

Ideal for toddlers mastering the art of self-feeding, these bowls help develop independence while keeping cleanup to a minimum. 

Mealtime is not just about feeding; it's about learning, exploring, and growing.

That's why our kids’ bowls collection is designed to support your child's development at every stage, from their first solids to their first self-fed meal.

Shop our collection today and make mealtime a delightful experience for you and your little explorer.

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