Homemade ice cream lollies

Homemade ice cream lollies

On hot summer days use Done by Deer silicone mini mugs to create fun homemade ice cream lollies with your kids!
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When using Done by Deer silicone mini mugs as molds it is very easy to remove the frozen ice cream. They are easy to clean and of course dishwasher safe. 

Whether you’re planning a fun staycation activity or just looking for a weekend activity with your kids making ice cream is great fun. Remember to make them the day before wanting to enjoy the homemade ice cream lollies.

We actually have two different recipes for you. One is easy and requires 5-6 ingredients, and the other one is even easier and requires only a minimum of two ingredients.


The easy one with most ingredients

2 cups of greek style yogurt
½ cup of whipping cream
3 tbs. honey
3 tbs. fruitjuice or puree of your choice, e.g. strawberry
1 teasp. vanilla powder
Slices of fruit (for decoration) like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango, banana, or kiwi.
5 Wooden sticks suitable for food 
silicone mini mugs

How to make it:

– Mix yoghurt, whipping cream, honey, fruit juice/puree and vanilla powder 
– Put slices of fruit inside the silicone mugs, so they stick to the sides
– Fill the mugs with the yoghurt mixture
– Put a stick halfway down each mug
– Freeze overnight

The even easier one

 Choose how many fruits you like
– Add yogurt with the flavor of your choice
– Blend it all together
– Add some sliced fruit into the mug as a decoration if you would like
– Put it all in the silicone mugs – remember the wooden stick.
– Put it in the freezer and be patient for a few hours.


The practical Done by Deer silicone tableware is temperature safe from -40°C to 230°C - suitable for both making ice cream and baking.


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