5 benefits of taking your child outside
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5 benefits of taking your child outside

Taking your baby or toddler outside for a walk is beneficial for both of you and your child. In this blog post we give you 5 reasons why.
Activity spiral in blue with toys from Done by Deer and a blue changing bag
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Ready, set, go!

Let the Deer friends be a familiar face for your little one wherever you go – it can be all you need to make a stress-free journey.
Silicone tableware from Done by Deer with homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream lollies

On hot summer days use Done by Deer silicone mini mugs to create fun homemade ice cream lollies with your kids!
Boy and girl with cool kids bags in recycled polyester in blue and powder from Done by Deer with Elhpee elephant
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Cool kids bags

Pack your little one’s gear in a practical and fun backpack and get them ready for any outing. Our Done by Deer bags have a cool reflective Elphee print and are perfect for lunch boxes, toys, or a change of clothes.
Weather- and waterproff changing bag from Done by Deer in mustard
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Out & about

We have created a line of sustainable changing bags with easy access and easy carrying on the go.

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