Monochrome toys & interiors for baby and toddler

Monochrome toys & interiors for baby and toddler

Family life is about creating a comfy living space for both little ones and grown-ups. A monochrome colour palette always looks clean and classic – leaving plenty of room for living.
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By choosing toys and interiors in a modern Scandinavian design that aligns with the rest of your home, kids' stuff no longer feels like a foreign invasion, but as a natural part of your home.



Monochrome play

When babies enter the world their vision is one of the least developed functions of their sensory system. Despite that they are brilliant at disthinguishing between constrasting shades like black and white.

Sensory stimulation of any kind causes the nerve cells in your little one's brain to multiply and start connecting. Presenting your little one for some high contrast black & white shapes will catch their attention and kickstart cognitive development.

While monochrome toys will be stimulating for little ones, they won't make too much of a fuss in your existing living space.

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