Mirror mirror up above

Mirror mirror up above

Mobiles are ideal for entertaining and calming little ones in the early stages. The musical mirror mobile offers several different sensory features for little ones to enjoy.

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Let your tiny one enjoy the comforting lullaby and have fun discovering the reflections in the mirror that floats above the sleepy friends.

Little ones can be entertained by discovering reflections in the mirror that floats above the sleepy friends Croco, Elphee, Raffi and Nozo.

The included holder arm makes is easy to attach the mobile to the bars of cribs, cots or playpens. It is also possible to hang the mobile in a string from the ceiling.

The soft colours and playful details will trigger your baby's curiosity. Deer friends Croco, Elphee, Raffi and Nozo will gently stimulate baby's senses and support early development with contrasting dots and stripes.

Comforting lullaby

The Sleepy friends spin around to the comforting sound of Mozart's Lullaby.


The musical mirror mobile is available in blue, powder and grey.
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