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Done by Deer is a Danish children’s brand that designs everyday essentials for families with kids – toys, tableware, and interiors that are fun and stimulating for little ones and pleasing for grown-ups.

All our products are designed in Denmark by founder Helene Hjorth and her design team – Hjort means Deer in Danish. Our design team is excellent at spotting design trends and converting them into safe,
long-lasting products that stimulate and spark kids’ imagination. Nothing is left to chance – every colour, material, and shape is chosen for a reason. We say that the ‘Deer’ is in every detail.

We are 100% friendly in everything we do: from designing products that put a smile on everyone’s face to sourcing suppliers with similar values as ours, we aim to create a friendly working environment within the company and in relation to all our business partners. Done by Deer is 100% Danish design with a love for Deer friends.

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