Done by Deer changing station

Gender neutral nursery inspiration

Warm mustard hues and nuances of green combined with neutral whites and greys are a perfect combination for a gender-neutral nursery.

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Decorating your first nursery is exciting and putting together a moodboard can be a great help. Find the colours and the style you like. Search for furniture and decorative items and see it all come together.

There’s much to choose from and whether you know the gender of your child or not a gender neutral setting could be the perfect choice.

Done by Deer nursery furniture

When choosing nursery furniture look for practical, functional, safety tested and long-lasting furniture that offer conversion options.
If you go with white or grey you can easily change the look and feel of the room along the way with a colour splash of paint or decorative and playful wallpaper.

Convertible baby cot

The Little Interiors baby cot is a modern bed with delicate retro design notes that lives up to today’s safety requirements.
The cot has four possible settings to accommodate the growing child. The base can be placed in two positions. Up high for the newborn and low for the bigger more active baby. Later the front can be removed or replaced by a step-in guard allowing an independent toddler to get in and out of bed.

Done by Deer changing station furniture

Practical changing station

Much time is spent by the changing table so make sure it is functional, comfortable, and enjoyable for both parent and child.

The Little Interiors storage rack with a top changer installed offers a perfect working station for all the nappy changes. There’s plenty of storage space and perfectly fitted soft baskets or storage boxes can be added to the compartments. The slighly slanted front makes it easier to access all the items.

Practical wall pockets can organize nappies, cremes and other baby essentials like small activity toys you would want to keep close at hand. A soft and easy to wipe-off changing pad is also a key item that will add to the practical set-up.

Changing station furniture from Done by Deer in neutral colours

Tiny activity toys

Keep a few small engaging activity toys close ready to entertain and distract and make nappy changing a precious time spent with your little one.

Done by Deer activity toys

Musical mirror mobile

Hang a musical mobile and make changing time a sensory and precious experience. The sleepy friends float below the mirror to the soft tunes of a sweet lullaby.

Done by Deer musical mirror mobile toy from Done by Deer in neutral colours

Soft and cozy sleeping

Make sleepy time soft and comfortable with a cozy nest and soft bedlinen. A cute and soft sleeping buddy like the Raffi comfort blanket can provide tiny ones with just the right amount of comfort to help them doze off to sleep. The small tags are perfect for little fingers to touch and the Velcro clip will keep the pacifier close by.

Sleepy time in cozy nest from Done by Deer in neutral colours
Bedlinen from done by deer in mustard

Playful kids room

Wallpapers are great for adding an extra playful mood in the kids room – the Deer friends feel right at home in this tropical setting and your little one will also enjoy looking at the playful details.

Set-up a play area when your baby starts to become more active. Make it easy to organise and clean up toys after playtime using different storage options.

Done by Deer kids room with deer friends toys

Download poster for the nursery

Let a cute poster decorate the nursery – you can download and print this one with Elphee for FREE here

Done by Deer poster and deer friends

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