Hospital bag packing list with changing bag in mustard from Done by Deer

Hospital bag packing list

Here it is - look no further! We have asked our Instagram followers to mention all the must-have items to bring when having your baby.
When having a baby there are many things to plan - and packing the hospital bag is sure one of them. Hopefully this list can give you a friendly overview and help you one step closer in the planing of bringing your baby home.

So, here it is - the ultimate packing list for your hospital bag:

burp cloths
• a special 'going-home' outfit for the baby + baby's first outfit + extra clothes 
• nappies
• baby blanket
comfort blanket
• little beanie/knitted hat 
tiny soft toy 
• a little ready-made formula - just in case 
• warm socks 
• pacifier
• diapercreme
• wet wipes
nursery pillow
baby bedlinen (and duvet) 
musical toy 
• camera 

safe for kids

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