Picnic ideas for kids

Picnic ideas for kids

Vanja Bjelica has set up a beautiful picnic spot outside for her little one. Get inspired by the images and Vanja's tips on how to create an unforgettable picnic. Go all out with a picnic for your little one to enjoy delicious treats and play under the bright blue sky. 
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Plan a magical and fun picnic for kids

Today is a special day for my child – but she does not know it yet. For what is about to happen is something she will cherish forever, as I cherish memories from when I was a child with my family. I have prepared an intimate family gathering and every little detail is thought through.

The idea behind the picnic was to arrange her most favourite things under the bright blue sky and wait for my baby to smile and tell me I did everything right. The idea of a picnic came spontaneously, and I knew exactly what to do and how to add a special touch to an outdoor picnic. 

I set the scene with some carefully chosen colours. I wanted my child to be surrounded by playful colours. Colours that have a sense of harmony to them, and at the same time promote tranquility and peace. Of course, the most important piece of the scenography is the Deer friends Nozo, Zebee, Antee, Croco, Raffi, Ozzo and Elphee. Without a question they fit whereever they are.. because they are closest to the heart. 

Since the beginning, my mission has been to support my child’s wishes to explore her surroundings and find small details that will one by one create this beautiful world of imagination filled with dreamy pastel colours.

“Come here, this is a small surprise I have prepared for you. I think my beautiful princess might want to say hi to some friends. I think some well-known faces are waiting for you”.

“Come here, this is a small surprise I have prepared for you. I think my beautiful princess might want to say hi to some friends. I think some well-known faces are waiting for you”.

And there she went. She ran off to the beautiful picnic stage I had prepared for her to enjoy. Not for a second did she wonder where all this came from. Maybe she shouldn’t even wonder. After all that would mean she is a grown up.

The small suitcases we have used for carrying glasses, straws and all the things you need for a picnic. When they are not in use for carrying picnic supplies they can be a small table for putting bowls on. These small suitcases are perfect for going on adventures. It is a great opportunity for children to play with and learn that one they will be able to do it all by themselves.

The tableware is amazing because it all comes in a variety of different shades. This means that during gatherings where two to three children get together, all of them can have their own set of tableware in their own colour.

For a picnic to be superb, the space where the children will be sitting must be enjoyable and very comfortable. For that, we used different soft materials, pillows, rugs, bedsheets and covers. The powder coloured rug completely goes with the whole concept, colours and style.

To add to the comfortable atmosphere, we also used amazing swaddles. They come in all sorts of designs, and their large size makes them easy to use in various ways. It is possible to make a tent. They have proven to be excellent shields from the sun. After all, you can experiment. Find a couple of branches and start constructing. I don’t think it is that hard, you have all the possibilities. After all children do not see mistakes, it is only us adults who see them. What a beautiful world they live in, right?




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