Boy playing with Done by Deer building block set

The magic of open-ended play

Step into the magical world of open-ended play, where your child's imagination develops and runs free. In this blog post, you'll learn the benefits of embracing open-ended play, how it nurtures essential skills, and why our wooden building block sets are the perfect catalyst for unlocking your child's creativity and potential.
Done by Deer silicone tableware

Discover the benefits of silicone kids tableware

Are mealtime messes driving you up the wall? Look no further! With its practical, durable, and safe features, you can say goodbye to spills, slips, and harmful chemicals with our silicone tableware collection. Read on to discover why silicone tableware is the perfect choice for mealtime.
Baby with high-contrast coloured baby toys

The Importance of contrast-coloured toys

Research shows newborns can perceive dots and stripes, laying the foundation for exploring a vibrant spectrum of hues and patterns. In this blog post you'll learn how high-contrast-coloured toys ignites your baby's visual development.
Child learning to eat by its own using Done by Deer dinnerware

Guide: From milk to independent eater

Transitioning your baby from milk to solid foods marks a significant milestone for both you and your little one. And we're here to help you with this short guide.
Baby playing in a Done by Deer activity play gym

6 reasons why you should use a baby gym

The journey of parenthood involves making numerous decisions, and one that often stands out is choosing the right play equipment for your little one. A baby gym isn't just a plaything; it's a gateway to unlocking your baby's developmental milestones and fostering a foundation for lifelong learning.
child playing hide and seek with Done by Deer hide-and-seek mountain

Discover the magic of hide-and-seek games

Playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek games with your baby not only fills the room with giggles but also fuels their cognitive growth. Learn how this type of game can lay the foundation for memory development and comfort your little one knowing that things that disappear will reappear.
Baby lying on a Done by Deer cozy lounger during tumy time practise

5 tips for tummy time

One of the first baby exercises you'll come across as a new parent is tummy time.This simple practice plays a vital role in your baby's development as it help build essential muscles that will help your little one sit, crawl, and eventually take those first steps.Here you'll get 5 tips to make tummy time enjoyable for both you and your little one.
Newborn sleeping in a Done by Deer baby sleeping bag

what is TOG value

In the world of baby sleep, understanding the TOG value of sleeping bags is crucial. TOG value is the key to ensuring your little one sleeps soundly and safely through the night. In this guide, you'll learn about the significance of TOG ratings and how to choose the perfect sleeping bag for your baby's comfort.
How to wash silicone tableware

How to wash silicone tableware

Are you excited about your new silicone tableware and eager to make the most of its convenience in your daily life? In this blog post, we'll explore how to clean and maintain your silicone tableware, ensuring it continues to serve you well.

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